Miss Ashland Pageant 2019

2019 Miss Ashland Pageant 

Date:Saturday August 24, 2019  

Start Time: 1pm

Place: PNC Park Center Stage

Entry Fee: $20

Entry Deadline: August 14th 2019

JUDGING: The judges will determine the winner and runner up in each age group. NO noticeable make-up – Judges will be notified prior to competition. Judging will be based on personality, personal style, speaking ability (when applicable) and overall presentation. The following are examples of what the judges will be looking for:  Is the contestant having fun and happy to be participating? Is the attire age appropriate? Does the attire fit properly and show personality and style? Is the contestant graceful and poised? Does the contestant demonstrate confidence? Self-esteem? Pride in appearance? If speaking: Is the contestant speaking clearly with confidence and knowledge? Does the contestant capture the audience’s attention? 

CROWNING: Immediately following the Final Flight of Participants

PRIZES: The winner of each title will receive a $50 cash prize, crown and sash. The 1st runner ups will receive a trophy. All participants will go home with a Miss Ashland tee shirt and other prizes! 


Wee Miss Ashland: Ages 1-3

Little Miss Ashland: Ages 4-6

Jr Miss Ashland: Ages 7-9

Miss Ashland: Ages 10-12

Miss Teen Ashland: Ages 12-18


PAGEANT DAY ARRIVAL: Saturday August 24th – Need to arrive at PNC Park Stage to confirm registration and check in by 12:30 PM. Registration and check in begins at 11:30 AM

ATTIRE: Sunday Best or Summer Dress ONLY 

COMPETITION: There will be four independent judges for the Pageant. A winner and runner up for all titles. The judging will be based on the following criteria:

Ages 1-2 year olds:  Appearance 50% Personality 50% 

The judging will be based on the following criteria for Ages 4-18 year olds: 

 Facial Appearance 33%  Personality 33% Questions 33% 

Should you have any questions at all please direct them to:

Megan Steffen

Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique

122 East Main Street Ashland, OH 44805


(419) 208-9293

Application: https://forms.gle/bCh6nKTTxah82yzx7